What Actionable Empathy Means for Customer Success

Customer Success Managers are masters of empathy. It’s often on our shoulders to show the customer the company cares. But empathy goes beyond kind and understanding email responses. Empathy enters behind the scenes of the face to face interaction. I practice Actionable Empathy, which reminds me that one valuable way to show care to a customer is by making moves on their behalf and getting results.

Here are three ways you can be actionable in your empathy.

Imagine the Outcome

Customer Success is outcome focused and value driven and our empathy should be too. It’s not enough to just understand the customer’s issue; we have to make sure we work toward a solution. How can we alleviate the problem? How can we prevent this issue from arising again? What’s the ideal feedback we want to receive from this experience? When working on projects with clients, we provide the best experience when we stay goal oriented and focused on what the customer set out to achieve with us.

Consider the Customer

At all stages in a business, the customer voice can be swallowed by internal noise. We love our own product, have a strong vision for it and know how it should be used. But our customers know our product in a different light and have valuable insights. Their experience should be considered in product decisions.

It’s as easy as asking one simple question every single time: How does this affect the customer?

Plan the Process

A solid Customer Success strategy involves a well considered plan. Plans put the customer at ease, prepare them for what’s next and hold all parties accountable for their part in reaching goals. Furthermore, sharing plans allows us to be transparent with customers, earning their trust. Whenever possible, provide an overview of any process introduced to a customer and include next steps at the end of every meeting. Simple actions like this show you have your customer’s best interest in mind.

Practicing Actionable Empathy with customers is just another way to add value to their experience. Is your empathy actionable or static?

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