Every Department Should Collab with Customer Success — Here’s Why.

The biggest mistake companies can (and do) make, is undervaluing post sales customer facing roles. It seems like a no brainer to me that the data Customer Success teams (can) gather is invaluable so I’m left to wonder if people simply don’t know how they should be interacting with customer success members on their teams.

Value your customers and in doing so give them awesome and dedicated advocates. Have people devoted to service and technical support as well as people taking proactive action to provide the best customer outcome which is the true grail of success.

Regardless of whether you have a customer service team, support team, success team or all three, anyone customer facing has the potential to gather useful information and be the voice of the customer internally.

Customers come for the product but stay for results and experience. Customer facing teams can be responsible for up to 90% of a company’s revenue, depending on the product and duties therein. If your product is Saas and subscription based, your CS team will be key in bringing renewals to and over 80% year after year. Plus, giving your customers a great experience means they’ll recommend you to other people and boost your new business as well.

Well, who are you building the damn thing for anyway? :)

While product feedback should be taken with a grain of salt, it shouldn’t necessarily be dismissed and there should absolutely be a workflow for gathering, organizing and analyzing feedback from customers.

But don’t assume customer data is all feedback from the customer asking for discounts, or complaining about features. Customer Success teams can gather usage data, customer happiness scores, feedback on competing tools and structure of customer teams and businesses.

Understanding how your product is used vs how you intended for it to be used and knowing what people like about it instead of assuming can and should help dictate product improvements, changes or trajectory.

We can help you close deals.

Sales teams should lean on CS for case studies, decks or even have CS members hop on the phone to meet a potential client and explain the customer experience in store for them.

Launching a trial of your product? Include CS to help give a full preview of what working with your product truly looks like.

Sales should understand similarities between current customers and potential ones to improve their pitches and presentations and to preempt certain issues or questions.

In my opinion, marketing and Customer Success should be bosom buddies. At all times, Customer Success should be on the look out for marketing partners. Who are your stellar customers, who are your evangelists. A good relationship with their CSM or account manager, means they’re more likely to read emails, participate in trainings or volunteer as case studies.

Want to throw customer focused events? Ask your CS team where those customers are and what they’d be interested in attending. As the bridge between the customer and the company, CS and Marketing can work together to

  • create communication plans (around post sale, product, renewal and new features)
  • understand customer segmentation
  • develop and improve the customer journey and experience

Understanding and empathizing with the customer experience is an exercise everyone from every team should do. It will inform how you move forward and when you need to take a step back. Customers should be treated with care and respect and valued for their business — not just because they’re walking data powerhouses but because they’re human.

And sometimes, we can forget that.

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