3 Ways You’re Ruining Your Customer Relationships

Relationship Management is a tricky business. People’s feelings and opinions are intangible and there are no set rules to account management. The most important part of Customer Success is listening. I mean that literally such as when you’re in conversation but also figuratively like Social Listening. While there are no rules to Customer Success — because “success” varies between product and goal — there are still tried and true practices that work.

And many that do not. Here are three ways you can sabotage customer relationships.

Calling Too Often

Having Pointless Meetings

In the same way that meetings with your team members benefit from being small and short, organized conversations with customers are a must to ensure effectiveness. Walking into the call with an agenda, setting expectations around the agenda and ending the call with follow up plan and positive affirmation — “This was great, I’m excited to work with you further” — can go a long way.

Dropping Communication

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